voici mon secret...

voici mon secret...

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Beyoncé for TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People issue.

Beyoncé for TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People issue.

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figuring out if my classics ta is a lesbian or just european: a study by me

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"not everything has to be about lesbians" incorrect 0/10 you fail this class

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Warehouse 13 05X02 Life Lessons


a) Mrs. Frederic “gently reminding” Myka (and in extension the large number of female audience that is watching the show) that a woman must re-evaluate her priorities in life when her ability to procreate are being threatened.

b) It’s absolutely okay to have a job and do what you like so long as you end up marrying someone and having a child

c) Motherhood and child-bearing are the only important facets of a woman’s life. Everything she ever does must be aimed towards accomplishing this.

d) Settle down with your best friend who obviously cares about you but for whom you dont have any romantic feelings; you need a companion to inseminate you and to hold your hand through old age, that’s all.

e) In the process of doing the said thing above, you’re maybe, being unfair to said best friend who deserves to be loved- and loved romantically. [Romantic partners can be best friends-case in point Ron and Hermione-but the inverse… *shrugs* big drunken mistake? oh wait according to Myka it wouldnt even be a possibility even if they were drunk]

f) Never get a haircut from where Pete gets a haircut.

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i am SO GLAD that i stopped watching before this trainwreck

my mom just texted me with “since when do pete and myka wanna bone? i am so confused.”

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That was so beautiful


That was so beautiful

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5 favourite ‘the l word’ characters   [1/5]   bette porter

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